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Learning by doing or learning by reading, TOEFL essay

Generally speaking, learning by doing affects one more on a personal basis compared to learning from books, which provides a more practical use in a high-tech world. The personal knowledge may come from pain, or it may even define an individual. On the other hand, book learning gives benefits regarding career development and more informative material. These benefits need examination.

Regardless of the source of knowledge, it is always wise to make it serve the learner. Experience gives an edge many times in areas of dealing with people and problems, things people do not particularly look forward to. However, though information from books includes how to deal effectively with people and certain

kinds of problems, that information does not measure up to experience. Experience teaches how to be patient in certain circumstances. Although a book might actually suggest that patience is beneficial, it can never describe or teach the way experience can. In addition, having been through crises, any individual should be better equipped to handle the next crisis that may happen along.

Plugging that same scenario into the book, a text can never prepare the reader for the loss of a child; there is no comparison between reading about it and living it. As strong as man is at times, he is rarely stronger than when he has been through the most trying of experiences. On the contrary, a fellow might live in

a foreign country and never get the same linguistic level of competence by only hearing and speaking as opposed to studying a language. A mechanic who has worked on cars for twenty years would probably never trade in his experience for a book. Yet, the book-educated mechanics, their managers and employers would

probably not trade in their background. The stalemate requires some closing thoughts.

Regardless of the pros and the cons on both sides, not everyone will agree on all the aspects. Character is an individual thing, and every experience is different. Therefore, no two individuals experience the same benefits from the same experience. Likewise, knowledge from a book has the same effect, at least at times, but one tries to get what he can to help him totally develop.

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