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Key phrases in a taxi

Updated: May 30

  1. "Hello! I need to get to the Old Town. Can you take me there, please?"

  2. "What is the best route to avoid traffic at this time of day?"

  3. "Can you recommend any interesting places to see along the way?"

  4. "How long do you think it will take to get there?"

  5. "Is it possible to pass by the marina? I'd love to see it."

  6. "I’ve heard there’s a great view from the hill. Can we go that way?"

  7. "Thank you for the ride! How much do I owe you?"

Finding a taxi:

When you step out onto the street and see a taxi with a green light on, wave as if you're being swept away by a storm. If the driver doesn't stop, don't worry – he's probably just on his way to his favourite café.

Entering a taxi:

Enter the taxi with confidence. If the driver's name is Dragan, you can address him as 'Boss Dragan.' He likes to feel important.

Explaining your destination:

When you tell him where you want to go, speak slowly and clearly. For example: 'Please, take me to Petrovac. It's that beautiful beach, you know?' If the driver doesn't understand, try using your hands and facial expressions – in Montenegro, everyone understands body language.

During the ride:

If the driver starts talking about politics, just nod your head and say: 'Yes, that's right.' If he starts talking about football, you can say: 'Partizan is good, but Red Star is better,' and you'll instantly become his best friend.


When it comes time to pay, always ask, 'How much do I owe?' If he tells you a price that sounds like a phone number, negotiate. Bargaining is part of the tradition.

Tip advice:

Tipping is not mandatory, but if you are satisfied with the service, leave a little. If you are very generous, the driver might even take you next time without charge – or at least with a discount.

Exiting the taxi:

When you get out of the taxi, always say 'Thank you very much!' and 'Have a nice day!'. If you want to be even more polite, add: 'See you again!' – even if you hope you won't meet again.

I hope these tips will help your friends enjoy their taxi rides in Montenegro and have a good laugh!


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