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It's not the clothes that define who you are

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

- Hello, good morning! I am…

- I don't think I asked

- What, sorry?

- What is this thing here, this….story you set up. A charity auction or ...

- Ah, no, you see… .. It's just that…. I'm trying to help people in need, but look, these are all great things. They are clean and well-made.

- Well-made? But do you know what excellent workmanship means? This one I'm wearing is a well-made garment. These are just used rags

- Well, I'm sorry you think so. However, you are not obliged to buy

- Who? Who would buy it? Huh? These are all things used by others, smelly. But at most you could give them to some bum, some poor guy, it's disgusting! Ah! You down there, I bet you are one of them, isn't it? Absurd.

- Look…. You shouldn't talk like that, I don't know if they ever told you, but it's not the dress that defines who you are.

- Instead, thinking a little, yes! This is exactly what you are wearing identifies who you are.

- This is a very bad thing to say

- Bad? But no! This! This is bad to do. What you think is of no interest to me. And, you know what I'll tell you. See you. Rather ... Non see you.


- Okay. Look, new watch, we're on ... Okay, but what am I going to tell you to do? As a new senior manager. I certainly can't look bad, can I?

- I mean, sorry ... In what sense? I didn't know it was all confirmed already

- But why do you have any doubts? Who else could deserve it here, let me understand. No offense, huh

- Listen, but I would say that it would be appropriate to wait for the official communication, right?

- I already bought a Porsche, so when they see me coming. They will already know who they are dealing with, right?

- Gentlemen, good morning

- Doctor Bianchi, good morning! I didn't know you were coming on a visit

- Yes, I like to arrive like this, suddenly

- Bianchi? But you wouldn't be the….

- Yes, Manuel, he is the CEO of our company

- Yet you should remember me, we met a few days ago at that second-hand clothes sale

- No, no, you're… You are making a mistake, no….

- Don't you remember? Maybe I can refresh your memory. How did you call me? Tramp or beggar ... Not to mention how you treated that poor man. You see, did you immediately think I was homeless just because I went to that market and dressed simply?

- I… I

- Look ... I want to tell you my own story. When I was launching this company, I was making unimaginable sacrifices. Since I started from scratch, I didn't have a boss who gave me a salary. So every penny was important to be able to invest in my company. So I had to economize on everything starting from clothes, furniture, accessories that I bought from flea markets or from home sales and many people knowing my difficulty helped me, giving me a lot. And do you think I should be ashamed of it?

- Excuse me, but if you are the CEO, why were you at that sale? You could have everything you want.

- But that's the point. You see, I don't need a $500 dress to prove who I am. I dress simple with a t-shirt and a pair of jeans, paid 10 euros. But I'm still the head of this company, and do you know why? Because it's not the dress that defines who you are.

- Well, I guess now you want to fire me

- Absolutely no. I am not a bad person, and in any case I never confuse work with private life. In fact, by the way, I was almost forgetting why I came here. You see, we just finished the meeting with the partners and our next senior manager has been decided. And the choice fell on you, Chiara, congratulations!

- Thank you, Dr. Bianchi, thank you!

- You did an exceptional job this year. Really congratulations! Gentlemen, sorry, but now I have to say goodbye. It was a pleasure, good day.

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