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It's not money that brings happiness

Updated: Jan 29

- And you, Christian? Tell us a little about yourself. What job do you do?

- My job? I am an entrepreneur, I have my own company.

- What does... your company... do?

- Meh. My company is constantly growing. I'm already at seven figures. And it's just the beginning, huh... I'm buying a new car this week.

- Okay. And you Silvia? How's your life?

- Well. I've just finished my degree, and I'm waiting for a company to hire me.

- She doesn't actually need it. Because my company can fully afford our expenses.

- Stop that.

- And you, Carlo?

- Ah, well… It's not really a great time for me because my boss has fired me due to the coronavirus. So I'll probably have trouble paying rent from now on. I'll sell my car just to survive. In short, economically, it won't be a good time. But I'm happy... Because all the

the rest is going very well.

- Happy that everything else is fine? Truly? Are you going to wait until you are homeless to feel sad and start moving your ass, or what?

- Ah, actually, I'm already looking for another job.

- Sorry... I'm an honest guy. I tell you the truth! If you really want to be happy and forget those financial problems, send to that place your boss, build your business.

- Look, I thank you for the advice, but honestly I prefer to look for a job that I like.

- Truly? You want to continue working like a dog for little money. Checking your bank account to see if you'll be able to eat at the end of the month?

Is this how you see a happy life?

- What should I tell you? In my opinion, you don't need a large bank account to be happy. In fact, you are happy if you learn to appreciate what you have.

- The less money you have, the more problems you have. Tell me how much you have in your account, and I'll tell you how much trouble you have.

- Come on, money doesn't bring happiness.

- Really? This is a phrase which they keep repeating to the poor to make them believe they don't need anything else, my friend. However... The decision is yours. After all, we need all kinds of people in the world, right? Also for cleaning bathrooms. And at that point,

gentlemen, I'm going to leave.

- Are you crazy?!

- What, darling?

- Do you realize how bad you just treated my friends?!

- You mean? Telling the truth? I'm sorry, but your friends need money advice.

- Ahhhh. So here's the real you! It's not money that makes you a good person.

- Come on, baby, don't be like them. Did you know that you can define a person based on the average of the five people they are with the most? If you want to be successful, you have to be careful of those around you.

- Yes. I'm considering it right now.

- Truly? Do you think I'm not the right person for you? With me, you can have everything you want. You won't have a need to look for a job with your stupid degree.

- I don't need this Christian. If that's what you think, we'd better break up.

- You're making a huge mistake. You know I can have any girl I want, right? You should be grateful for having me, Silvia.

- I wish you the best with all your money.

- Aaahhh, Silvia, let's go!


- Listening.

- Hey Silvia... this is Christian.

- It's been a long time! How's your life of rich going?

- Yes, well… I'm succeeding financially but...

- What? Aren't you happy? It's everything you wanted.

- It's not about money, Silvia. I understood it.

- What do you mean?

- To be honest, I'm not very well. You see, I'm surrounded by fake people

that.. are here only for money... I need you, Silvia. Do you think we can meet again?

- Christian, I don't think it's a good idea.

- Please, Silvia. I'm disgusted by all those fake girls. I need you.

- I understand. One day you said that the fuller your bank account is, the fewer problems you have. That with all that money, you can have all the girls you want, right?

- I was stupid. Money does not buy happiness. Please give me another chance.

- One day someone told me that we are the synthesis of the five people we are surrounded by the most. I'm sorry, but I've already chosen who I want to be with.

- Please don't do that to me!

- You should learn to be happy with what you have, regardless of the size of your bank account. I am sorry.

- What have I done?


- It's not money that makes a person happy. But it's the personality. You can be equally happy with or without money. Because what really matters, are the values inside. Not the ones you have in your pocket.


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