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Introduction А1

Intuitive character

  1. I'm Maxi

  2. I'm from the East

  3. I have been given the ability to see the future and the big picture

  4. I will observe, look for contradictions and answers to complete the picture, like puzzles

  5. I am called to create, picking up the best on the fly. My mission is to support all the best, creative

  6. I don't really like working in a team. Although I can interact, others find it difficult to understand me. I use my own tools and techniques in everything

  7. I rejoice when full beauty, clarity, justice for all is restored

Rational character

  1. Hi! My name is Alex

  2. I came from the North.

  3. The main thing for me is honesty, reliability of facts, evidence, confirmation. You can't talk to me about stupid things like feelings and guesses.

  4. You will have to prove that you are right.

What I do is I check What happened, Who did it, Why they did it, Where it was, When it happened, How exactly they did it.

5. What I am called to do is restore the truth. I do this by conducting investigations. And others may not like it. They often disagree with me, saying that I misunderstand events and that the facts are not as clear as I see them. If I get down to business, I take a leadership position, no one can argue with me when I know the truth.

6. My team? I'll tell you what to do!

7. If you have proven that you are right, welcome to the victory celebration!

Ethical character

1. Good day to you! I'm Georgina

2. I came from the South.

3. I can convince anyone to go with me. The main thing is harmony in relationships, in everything. I like music. Life is a dance.

4. I communicate with people politely and respectfully, this is the main thing I do. People like to be loved and happy. Give them a good word and they will do anything.

5. My mission is to do good, understand people, organize their efforts.

6. I'm a team player, definitely. I can play any role in the team, I will get the maximum benefit from any position.

7. No one can be alone. Only a team can bring success.

Emotional-practical character

1. Hello! My grandmother gave me my name. It means "Star Boy". You can call me Stark for short

2. I'm from the West, that's obvious.

3. I like to have things, arrange them beautifully and decorate them. Things speak of status. Things are important, they remain when people have already left.

4. I build, paint, decorate, repair - that's what I do. If you see a beautiful restaurant, dish, chair - I love it.

5. Beauty, order, cleanliness - this is what is important to me.

6. My brothers and friends are part of me, we do a lot of useful things together.

7. If you do good together, you benefit from it together, but each in his measure.


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