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Insensitivity in the family and how to deal with it

- In any case, this is good, in my opinion

- Eh, I made it, very good

- You know, it's excellent.

- Are you playing instead? Did you play last night?

- Do you want to piss us off today too?

- We have already talked about it. Please leave me alone

- You have to do away with these absurd ideas of yours

- Your brother is right. Now enough of this nonsense

- It's degenerating, it's brain game! I can't even look at it

- It is easy to talk, to belittle, when you can't understand the problems of others

- Mara, there is nothing to understand. We are all tired of this attitude of yours. Are you a smart girl? Act like that, please.

- We're at lunch. Please stop!

- Maybe you. I'm done. Indeed, thank you. If I don't eat, you do me a favor

- Mara! Is this the education I gave you?

- Leave her alone, make her do what she wants. You will see that she will be hungry

- Sooner or later she will have to stop with this little theater

- Guys, please, can you turn off the television for two seconds?

- Yes. I need to talk to you about today's situation, now that Mara is out.

- What's up? Did you realize you have a crazy daughter?

- Maybe I should have more pulse with that girl, I don't know

- No, you're both at fault. But how do you talk like this about a sister and a daughter who is going through a difficult time? You should only be ashamed

- Mom ... Do you know that what you do is useless? Do you think she really needs it?

- Well, of course not. But you can't underestimate a problem just because you're not passing it on your skin. Know that Mara is not joking. You don't see her when she cries every day on the phone with her friends, complaining that she isn't comfortable with herself. You don't see it when she tears her photos into a thousand pieces, embittered and disappointed. Even worse, when she locks herself in her room and tries to try on clothes that she then throws away because she just can't look at a reflection of herself. You do not see it, but I do, I have seen it many times. I tried to, ... to talk to her to reassure her to be together, but without success. As a mother, I feel truly helpless. I can't help my daughter like I should. A daughter asks for help and a father and brother who are so presumptuous that they don't even notice.

- Mom ... I ...

- You are right! Mara needs all of us now. As soon as she comes back home, we will all talk to her together. Agree?

- Yup

- Can we?

- Of course. What is happening?

- We wanted ...

- Here ... Talk to you about something

- Hello

- What are you doing?

- I throw away everything I no longer wear. By now I suck, and I can't put some things on anymore

- Honey ... Your brother and I owe you an apology. I truly hope you can forgive us for what we have done and said towards you

- We love you, little sister, and we are with you

- But ... Why did you change your mind?

- Because you are my daughter! And my sister

- I ... I know I have a problem, believe me. I know that ... I don't know how to get out and ... I feel desperate

- Love. But why? You have us! You have your own family. Look, we've always talked about it if you want it, we thought we could go to therapy together to look for a path, something that can help us in this difficult time

- Huh?

- Sorry, Mara. We should never have judged you, indeed we should never underestimate a problem just because we don't pass it on our skin

- Do you think you can give us a chance?

- Okay

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