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IELTS essay on The way to learn foreign languages

Updated: May 29, 2022

What is the most effective way to learn foreign languages? Is there one way, or are there many?

The most effective way to learn foreign languages ​​is the one that helps people share their happiness and achieve success. And there are as many ways as there are types of people. But since there are well-established structures in the language to express the intentions, studying these structures is perhaps the most direct and effective way of mastering the language.

First, an essay and a story, are the most common and necessary elements of any language culture, which are important to study the most. The essay serves to express the view directly, and the story serves to express the point through characters and events. Both are necessary, both reflect the thinking prevailing in the language culture. So, an essay, written according to the principles of the English-speaking culture, carries the idea of ​​balance. And the essay, written according to the principles of Italian culture, carries the idea of ​​continuity and consistency. Both are important and interesting to study in order to understand the thinking of native speakers, these are the key points for mastering the languages.

On the other hand, different people may see more specific goals of language learning, and then they will choose narrower methods that may seem effective at some point along the way. However, inevitably, all people come to the need to study the logical principles and structure of thinking of native speakers, and this will lead them to the very same essay and story, although the path may go through the study of grammar, pronunciation, translation of texts and other methods.

In conclusion, the most effective method of language learning is the one which you can develop safely with. The main tools for describing valuable moments in life are already well-established and known, they are similar in different languages, just as all people are similar. Therefore, it will be effective to move on to presenting your best ideas on central topics in the form of essays and stories, this will be practical and will require the necessary knowledge of theory.


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