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IELTS Essay on divorces

Updated: May 29, 2022

There are more and more divorces these days. Some people believe that women's independence contributes to the increase in divorce. Other people think that men's incomprehension and inflexibility are the main reasons for divorce. Discuss both points of view and give your opinion.

The problem of modern society is that people want to live independently and freely and do not make concessions to each other. So, women want interesting work rather than household chores. Men do not want to help women when they are busy with work. Problem-solving can involve the acceptance of the principles of honest dialogue between all members of society, men and women.

Advocates for women's rights to free development point out that women have talent and competencies as well as men, and therefore have the right to do the work they love, not just do household chores. Women developing in business these days can have high positions and perform tasks that are beyond the power of men, as women are more flexible, kind and peaceful than men. But in this case, women have almost no time for a family, and they often get divorced. According to statistics, there are more single people in developed countries than married people.

Supporters of the other point of view believe that a woman should be at home, prepare food for her husband and raise children, and men should do business. These people believe that in this way only the stability of society can be achieved. Nowadays, there are only a few numbers of such classic marriages in which people would be happy. However, in such marriages, even if women stay at home, they are inspirers and advisers for their husbands, and even men claim that their business is a family business in which children can also participate.

In my opinion, only honest equal dialogue, whether at home or in the office between men and women, can provide a comprehensive view on life and business and ensure a sustainable future for the entire society. Men and women see things from different angles and should equally participate in the development of society, regardless of what formal roles they have at home and in business.

In conclusion, it can be said that marriage should be seen more broadly, as a symbol of dialogue and coordination between men and women. Working women could have flexible conditions to regulate their presence at home and at work. And also men, doing business and delving into life at home, could improve the ability to see the picture of life in general and objectively, to act more flexibly and peacefully. Only an equal, respectful partnership between men and women in life and in business can help solve problems in the family and society. In this case, marriage can again receive a high status and a new spiritual level.

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