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IELTS Essay on an effective diet for a healthy lifestyle

Updated: May 29, 2022

Is there an effective diet for a healthy lifestyle? How do you feel about diets?

Diet is part of a lifestyle, and a healthy lifestyle will need to have its own set of food products, culture of their consumption. Diet cannot be something imposed from the outside, it is a conscious choice of a person.

First, it is known that nutrition gives energy to our activities. Consequently, the choice of food and the way of eating directly affects human activity. Therefore, for example, the Mediterranean diet is recognized by UNESCO as the heritage of mankind. However, this is not only food, but also the whole range of traditions of preparation and communication over food and about food. The Mediterranean diet is recognized today as the healthiest way to enable effective, creative activity in people. This is the culture of consumption of olive oil, cereals, fish, lean meat, fruits and vegetables, wine, and the traditions of communication at the table.

Second, there is an ancient order of eating and replenishing energy for activity. Thus, Orthodox culture presupposes a reasonable measure of abstinence and purification from unnecessary substances to renew strength and the ability to perceive the subtlest changes in the internal and external environment. This enables the person to make the most accurate decisions. At the same time, people live in a wide variety of natural and economic conditions and have different health conditions. Therefore, the choice of diet is a deeply personal issue. However, the immediate environment influences the choice of diet, and even the policy of the country affects the quality of food.

In conclusion, diet is part of a lifestyle. Diet choices are associated with many social, economic, physical, and spiritual factors. Since the diet provides energy for the activity, the choice of diet is a very serious question for the individual. The effectiveness of the diet also depends on the social environment.

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