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I like Russian winter / Say it in Russian

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Winter in Russia seems like something fabulous, mysterious. Some people feel that winter is beautiful, but cold and causing some kind of melancholy. But other people see in the Russian winter fluffy snow and crystal patterns that cause admiration. I see winter, rather, as a season that brings loving people together in warm company, exchanging gifts.

On the one hand, a cold winter with dark evenings and long nights can remind about infinity. Like Pushkin described in his "Winter road", even the bell of a trio of horses "tiringly rattles", causing sad thoughts, and a desire to be by the fireplace in a warm home. Thus, winter in Russian culture is a symbol of infinity and a call to love and living warmth, as salvation from cold.

On the other hand, winter is a happy time for the unfading beauty of Russian open spaces, when snow, like a sparkling, charming blanket, covers all living things from frost. As Tyutchev showed in "The Winter Enchantress ", it is a time of rest, contemplation and inspiration for the next period of creativity. Russian winter makes people stop, think and find new thoughts, ideas, feelings that will bring all living beings to a new level.

Russian winter justifiably arouses admiration and some awe in many people with its majestic calmness under a brilliant snow cover, which makes people think about deep things in life, like love, friendship, happiness. Sometimes winter reminds us of the infinitely powerful force of nature. But winter also focuses us on the power of love and warmth, which are able to overcome the cold of alienation and be reborn to a new life. For me, both sides of winter are important, because the cold gives a rest, and the warmth brings the family together to celebrate the most colorful winter holidays.


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