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I know myself, what do I do now?

Suppose you answered your own questions: “Who am I?”, “What do I exactly do?”, “What do I surely have?”, “What do I want to get with this?” Now you have a certain picture of activity, but so far in theory. It's time to act. But this is another step in the algorithm of life. And the algorithms are being worked out in networking.

First, note that knowledge is not a substitute for action. And activity does not replace knowledge. And since actions are folded feelings, you see that in no way, knowledge can replace the emotions that accompany the activities of the body, as well as the feelings associated with people and your intuitive self-image. Rational men often look like they don't think or feel at all, but only act. They say: "I am a man of deeds, not words." Really? In fact, it seems that such men should be feared in life as potential murders, because they have already decided to make an equation in which there is no place for intuition, feelings, connecting with loved ones and close ones, emotions. In fact, you can see that they prefer the “poker face”, “a woman does not interfere in my business”, “I have made a decision and there is no place for pity and compassion for the losers”. Perhaps this is the reason why they seek to gain control of artificial intelligence and robots of all stripes, open and hidden, over "stupid girls". From this, you can see that the answer to the question "Who am I?" can be compiled with different levels of integration of human vitality. Man will or won't allow intuition, love, relationships, emotions into the integration of his "I concept". So, a person takes responsibility for all small and big, secret and open sins that he commits - at the moment when he begins to act, and not at all when his crime is proven by other people. Before God and conscience. I still wish you to take into account all the details that make up life and, therefore, those that should always be included in an objectively made decision. And then your activity will be justified, with the possibility of acceptance and love, with a clear awareness of values and prospects for a fruitful life. This was said for rational people, many of whom are men.

We understand that there are intuitive men and women. Since intuition is an inner feeling, often such people are introverts. They are not very social. Among these people were prophets, people "of their own mind", visionaries, pioneers, researchers, geniuses - because none of the "normal" people could fully understand the meaning and source of their ideas. Should we, as a society, throw overboard the knowledge of these people? It would be suicidal, really. A small problem with intuitive people is that their vision does not always fit well with the possibilities for realizing their ideas. Why? They spend a lot of time in isolation, thinking deeply about their ideas, so they lose the skill of socializing, clearly explaining their ideas to other people. Also, intuitive people can look practically “invisible”, “useless”, “helpless”, “unconvincing”, because they are immersed in their inner intuitive world, which is a whole universe ordered in its own way, where there is a place for God, angels, stars, the dead and the living, the future and the present, the otherworldly and global, cosmic and rhythmic, energy and flow. And much more. And at the moment when you need to move from seeing the picture to action, this can be a real challenge for intuitive people. But if they are taught patience, humility and love that warms their talent, they can slowly and step by step come to a wonderful outcome of their lives. All inventions and ingenious works are made in this way. Intuitive people take responsibility for the activities and choice of their roles in society and relationships in a very different way than rational or emotional people do, but there is a lot of accumulated energy, be careful. For example, the quietest humble woman can be the fuse of stored internal energy like an atomic bomb, but when a man realizes this, it will be too late for him and his unreasonable harassment. Will she be responsible for his penalty? Or will it be his own fault? Hard to tell.

Well, what does the transition from theory to practice mean for emotionally practical people? From the very definition of their type of intelligence, it is clear that they rely on what they "like" as well as "common sense." You may have met people who emotionally object to you: “That doesn’t make any sense!” And you could understand that they will not understand any of yours, and that it is better to just leave them alone while they open a new restaurant or store. But be careful, because if life on earth contained only shops and restaurants, then, I'm afraid, it would be terribly boring for three-quarters of the world's population with the other three types of intelligence. Emotional-practical people do a very important job of organizing a living space for others, not just for themselves. However, only if they understand for themselves the value of your intuitive, ethical and intelligent lives. Otherwise, you are doomed to exile. And so unfold all the wars on earth at all times.

Well, what does it mean activity for ethical people for whom relationships are everything. It should be remembered that relationships can be sincere or not, honest or not, wise or manipulative. Relationships from love can degenerate to codependency, to a variant of sadomasochism, to a complex of roles of the executioner and the victim - on a personal, social, economic, political, cultural, psychological, professional level. Therefore, for ethical people, the most complete and objective integration of the self-concept is extremely important. Is there true love at the base, or is there a silent collusion of the clan and the generally accepted ritual game? Do not forget that there were tribes that were engaged in human sacrifices for the sake of their "relationships" with the world, space, society. Now it has taken on a more hidden and "civilized" look, but that doesn't make things any less ugly. Love and the most objective picture of the world at the base of activity is what can keep ethical people from cunning manipulations and direct their energy towards love and creation. Dare!

So, different types of intellect tend to start integrating their "I-concept" from different points of view, with different preferences, they can be very biased, and this makes their activity equally one-sided. This one-sidedness leads to aggressiveness, like any narrow-mindedness and bias - first in judgment, then in activity. Only love ensures the full integration of vital energy and the maximum striving for objectivity. Love does not develop in the midst of any admixture of any type of violence. What needs to be manifested in activity is the will, and love is the will to create, always and in everything. How to think it all over, build, test and run in? That's what networking is for.


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