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Healthy eating habits / GSE (OGE)

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Monologue by plan

● how many meals you have a day ● what foods people should have in their diet to make it healthy ● what unhealthy eating habits people should avoid and why ● what your attitude to healthy eating is

You have to talk continuously.

Eating habits are formed early in the life of every person. They depend on the traditions of the countries we live or come from. It is important to eat properly and according to the saying: “Eat to live, not live to eat." I try my best to keep a balanced diet, eating 4-5 times a day. My body needs to receive a sufficient number of nutrients every day: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins, trace elements. That is the reason my everyday diet is full and diverse. Each person's portion varies, depending on age, health status and gender. I believe it is essential to have fruit and vegetables, cereals, a variety of fish and meat, eggs, dairy products, salt and sugar, fats and vitamins in people’s daily diet. A balanced diet should become a way of your life. People should try to cut down on different snacks and junk food. Sometimes it is vital to cut out the entire groups of products, for example, such foods, that contain a lot of sugar. One more point of concern is water. As far as I know, it is strictly prohibited to wash food down with water. But it is necessary to drink at least 1,5 litres a day. All in all, we can eat everything, but in moderation. Overeating can lead us to a disruption of metabolism, diabetes and obesity. That is why I believe that a healthy diet is the basis of a healthy lifestyle. Discipline and regularity in life can help to promote our health. I even have a special habits' tracker that helps me and encourages building new healthy habits. To sum it up, I think that proper sleep, regular exercises and a healthy diet are really the best way to live.


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