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Harmony in relationships

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

- You send blood to my brain with certain talk

- Look, okay ... Gano, listen, you think one way or another, okay? That's enough!

- Yes, but the fact is that your way of thinking is absurd. Ok, I'll explain it better, okay? Miss Italia cannot be Japanese because her physical characteristics are not Italian.

- But what does this have to do with it, huh? If one is of Italian nationality, she may very well be elected Miss Italy. That's enough! It is so!

- The nationality will also be Italian, but the physical characteristics will not!

- So let me hear, how should these physical characteristics be right, come on?

- But this is not the point.

- But do you know what the truth is? It's that you like the curvy ones and the Mediterranean ones, with green eyes, well?

- What's wrong with that? What about you, then? That is you who always speaks of the Mediterranean type, the dark one with black eyes

- But when ever? But who said this? But do you see that you just don't hear me when I speak? You see it? Look, luckily I let so many things pass for quiet living

- So, what do you mean?

- Take today, for example. You brought the beer. But you know, how many times have I told you that I like red?

- But we're on a picnic! What does red wine have to do with it?

- But .. but why? But what did it cost you to bring this wine?

- I can't stand you anymore. You are always there to complain! Always saying to do the opposite of what I say and do. I can't stand you anymore, you are nerve-wracking

- Me? Am I nerve-wracking? Look, the same goes for you.

- Well, then you know what I tell you? Let's get it over! Because there is no point in being with someone when you always think the other way around. I'm leaving, do the picnic yourself.


- You see? Continuous discussions like that, I could not take it anymore, I was so nervous.

- Wait ... what do you mean you were?

- It means that I had enough of being with someone to argue with all the time. So I'm done.

- Okay, but ... I don't want to say that harmony is not important in a relationship, Gano ... but if it is just different points of view, I think you should try to meet them before reaching a break, right?

- Eh, now ...

- I brought you the coffees

- Thank you!

- My love, you are fantastic! I wonder how I will do when Cristina returns. Look, don't you want to stay as a secretary forever?

- But I don't think about it at all! Rather, why don't you act as my secretary?

- Me? But the secretary has always been a woman! The word also says it, doesn't it?

- Here is the male chauvinist. Why, I, a woman, can bring coffee to a man? Indeed, for me, it is totally the opposite if anything

- Look I'm sorry but the man .. is a man

- I hate you when you say that

- Bye

- You see it? In every couple, there are differences of opinion

- Yes, but your differences do not become fierce quarrels

- Oh yes, but we don't make them become like this

- Because you are more in tune

- Look, we actually have differences of opinion in so many things. And I don't hide from you, Gano, that at the beginning this created big problems for us in our relationship

- And how did you manage to resist? How do you get along with someone when you're constantly having differences?

- Here is the mistake we both made. We believed that having the same ideas was the basis of a good relationship. You see, Gano, loving only those who think like us is a form of great selfishness. Friendship should be an example.

- That is?

- Look at us. We're friends, aren't we? But we are completely different. We think differently about many things, we compare ourselves. But then in the end we are always friends like and more than before, right?

- Y-yes, but between friends, it's different

- It's no different. And do you know why? Because of a friend, we respect the fact that he or she may have different points of view from ours. With a partner, on the other hand, strangely enough, we always want to have everything under control, and we expect him or her to think like us

- I had never seen it in this light

- Do you know what the answer is, Gano? Respect. Now do one thing. Go to Amber and try to resolve the situation without making foolish or hasty decisions. And then always keep that in mind, Gano. Respect your differences. Remember that you don't need to have the same ideas to get along, but you need to have the same respect.

- I think you're right. Maybe I'm to go to apologize. Thanks, Lele

- Bye, Gano

- Thank you


- Hi… I came to offer you my apologies. I didn't mean what I said, I…. I don't want to leave you. I got angry and said what I didn't think

- I think you were right, Gano. I, too, was tired

- But no, we just got the wrong way to manage our differences

- And how do we deal with the fact that we are so different?

- It would be enough to stop attacking each other like we did. Stop being offended just because we think differently. We disrespect each other, and that was the biggest mistake we could make. You know, I talked to Lele today, and he let me know that to be agreeing does not mean to have the same ideas, but the same respect. And I know I don't want to lose you, Amber.

- Are you serious?

- I really mean it. Come here. What peace this panorama, huh?

- Peace? All this silence makes me anxious

- But how anxious? It's all so relaxing, so beautiful!

- No, no, for heaven's sake, come on ... please .. it's all still, too calm. Really!

- Okay, but what do you want? All the traffic, the asphalt, the smog ...


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