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Examples of successful admission essays / Why our college

Exploring life’s intricacies

Mathew Griffin

Brown University

Because I find life's intricacy so amazing, biology and its related subjects are the most enjoyable topics for me. Within biology, our brains interest me the most, which—with their countless neurons and chemicals—give us unmatched emotion, uniqueness, and potential. Due to the possibilities of understanding emotions and mental problems from their source, I’d like to develop a great understanding of neuroscience, and use it to help people overcome diseases and mental barriers as a doctor, allowing them to achieve the highest possible quality of life.

Brown University would also give me the greatest ability to help people. With their deep community involvement and famous neuroscience department, I would have an outstanding opportunity to help people as I develop the utmost understanding of neurology. The open curriculum will also bring me more benefits. The ability to study multiple languages and social sciences will help me interact and exchange ideas with fewer limits. Moreover, the curriculum will allow me to become an outstanding scientist.

The way in which this could help me scientifically is best summarized in the words of my biology professor at Kent State University: “One of our major inhibiting factors in addressing more complicated issues of science is that scientists need to have a sweeping grasp of multiple disciplines such as psychology, biology, convention physics, and quantum physics. And if that wasn’t bad enough, you’re going to need amazing writing skills to convey your ideas to other people and seem credible.” I don’t necessarily expect to achieve full mastery in the four or five years I spend as an undergraduate, but I believe Brown is where I’ll have the best opportunity to advance in these areas.

To expand even more, the open curriculum would allow me to surround myself with individuals that are just as passionate about languages and sciences as I am. With these classmates, I would love to have great conversations and even participate in research. Attending Brown University will bring me all of these things, which will aid me in becoming the best doctor and scientist I can possibly be.


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