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Dismissal that led to happiness

Updated: Jan 27

- Here I am! Excuse me for being late, boss ... I was just re-reading the project. And I've seen some transcription errors. Anyway, they haven't arrived yet, have they?

- And luckily they haven't arrived yet. What is this?

- The project, boss.

- But who cares about the project. I'm talking about you! Do you ... Do you think it's the way to show up for an important meeting? It's the face of the company, damn it.

- Sorry, you told me to get dressed for an important meeting. I thought I was adequate

- But I told you strictly, as I can remember .. a short dress ... heels. You don't even have heels.

- Honestly, boss, I thought the project was more important than my appearance, right?

- And since when .. Since when can an employee of mine afford to tell me what is most important to my company? You know, you've always been arrogant. Do you want to take my place? Well ... Take it. But do it for someone who has never understood anything about business. Enough, you are fired!

- No, no no, boss ... I worked day and night on this project, and what happens, you fire me? Now?

- Listen to me! In real business, what really matters is appearance. Nothing and nobody matters of what you say! Now, get moving and take your stuff out!

- Chief, where is Maria?

- Leave it. You will make my presentation

- I? I don't know anything, boss

- You are gorgeous .. okay? Improvise and you will see that our… how to say….

- Manager

- Our manager will be charmed by your beautiful eyes. End of problems


- Here we are

- Nice to meet you, Riccardo

- Pleasure

- The manager of the company Story Impact Italia

- Sure, now, I introduce our brand new editorial editor. Isn't it a jewel?

........... ..

- No, no Simo, look ... it was embarrassing. They put a beautiful girl in front of me ... Maybe they thought they were going to charm me, but she didn't even know what she was talking about. .. No .. this company is to be discarded…. They just didn't understand what matters to us ... The message we send ... In fact ... Wait, wait .. Do you know what a mistake it was? Listen, let's do this, I'll call you back later .. Thanks, bye .. Ah ... Are you still here?

- Yes ... can I ask you a question?

- Sure

- Did you change your mind?

- First, I want to ask you whose is this?

- Yeah .. it must be her… Yeah.

- She, who?

- But no, it is .. Maria .. one of mine .. one of mine ... But are you interested in this ...

- Of course, that interests me .. it's brilliant….

- Do you know what I do? I'll call her right away. If you just give me a moment ...

- Mr. Riccardo, right? It is an honor to meet you live. I've always been a huge fan of you. Maria, nice to meet you!

- Pleasure. I found this on the ground in the hallway. They say it's yours

- Ah .. yeah .. It must have fallen ... So, you made me call for this?

- No, I called you because I took a look at it, and it's an amazing project

- Thank you! The problem is ... I don't work for this company anymore. So I have to stop it right away, unfortunately. I will not sign a contract with them again on moral principles. So, I'm really sorry to tell you this, but… the work is no longer available.

- Why? What happened?

- But nothing, Mr. Riccardo! What you want to know just the usual little misunderstandings that run between employee and boss ... You can understand me ..

- No, I honestly don't understand ..

- Small misunderstandings? It seemed to me that you had told me that I was not attractive enough for this job and that my project was worth nothing. Because that's how it works in business, right? Appearance counts, and nobody gives a damn about what I say. But I worked on this project day and night. I ... I wouldn't call these little misunderstandings .. You humiliated me, both as a worker and as a woman!

- Did you do this?

- No! No .. and .. no .. it is obvious that I couldn't have done such a thing, it is Maria who has misunderstood ...

- Maria, I'm very sorry! But if that's okay with you, I offer you a job as chief editor in our company. Because I'm sure you'll do a great job. As for you, Mr. Fabrizio, let me tell you a few words: content is worth much more than appearance. In a lasting business, what matters is commitment and sacrifice. And Maria certainly knows these things

- Hem ... Maria ... Please ... I'll start paying you ... twice as much as before

- I'm sorry, but… your company is not fit for what I'm looking for. Riccardo, it would be an honor for me to accept your proposal. Working for you and your company has always been a dream of mine. I want to have an impact on people's lives, too. I choose the content!


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