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Dijalog u crnogorskom restoranu na nasipu između posetioca i konobara o tome koja tradicionalna crnogorska ili evropska jela služe

Visitor: Good afternoon, could I have the menu, please? I'm interested in what traditional Montenegrin or European dishes you have.

Waiter: Good afternoon! Of course, here's the menu. We have a wide selection of traditional Montenegrin dishes, such as Njeguški prsciut, Montenegrin kačamak, and lamb under the sač (a domed metal lid – sač). Of course, we also have European dishes, but I would recommend trying something from the Montenegrin cuisine.

Visitor: What would you say are the main characteristics of Montenegrin dishes? How do they differ from European ones?

Waiter: Montenegrin cuisine is based on fresh, local ingredients, with a lot of meat, fish, and dairy products. It differs in its strong flavors and hearty meals. Unlike some European cuisines, which might be more subtle with spices, Montenegrin cuisine likes to highlight the fullness of flavor of each ingredient.

Visitor: Sounds tempting. I love fish. Do you have any recommendations?

Waiter: In that case, I would recommend our specialty - grilled fish with Mediterranean spices. It's a very popular dish here on the coast, and I think you'll like it.

Visitor: Excellent, I'll try that then. What wine would go with this dish?

Waiter: With grilled fish, our white wine, especially Vranac, which is an indigenous Montenegrin variety, goes very well. It has a rich, fruity taste that wonderfully complements the fish.

Visitor: Sounds like a perfect combination. I'll have the grilled fish with that wine, thank you for the recommendation.

Waiter: Excellent choice! It will be served shortly. Enjoy your meal and the wine.


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