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Development of an application for photographers

Recently, the number of photos taken, edited and uploaded to various social media platforms has skyrocketed. It is estimated that 90 million images are uploaded daily to Instagram and 300 million photos are uploaded to Facebook daily. Editing photos before uploading and showing them to the world is now the norm, either small adjustments or heavy photo editing, everyone edits images. There are many photo editing apps on the market, but the market is huge and many more are needed. This article explains what features a photo editing app should have and how much it will cost to create a photo or photo editing app. Follow our guide to develop your own photo editing, sharing or photography community app.

How to create a photo editing app?

Now that you've decided to create a photo editing app, the next step is to get started. This can seem like a daunting task for any business owner who isn't familiar with all the things that go into developing an application. Here are some steps you can take!

Choose a Niche in Photography

You need to decide which market niche you want to focus on before you start building your app. If there aren't any similar apps on the market yet, consider what types of new features can make your product unique and valuable. You may also consider partnering with another company to provide value-added services such as image hosting or editing for clients who do not have their own equipment (for example, in cases where someone wants to make prints).

Choose platform

Then find out exactly where people will be able to use this photo editing software when it's ready to launch! Most people prefer to use mobile devices when doing business online, so we suggest focusing on the iOS versions first; however, if potential clients have any special requirements, feel free to completely ignore our advice here!

Choose a design style

Once these decisions have been made about which platform(s) your app should support, you then need to choose which layout style suits you best from a visual standpoint - and yes, that really matters, as how someone what interacts with your phone matters too!

Features that every photo app should have

Every photo app or photo editing app should have the following features:

Multiple photo upload options

This is the main option for uploading photos to the app. However, there should be several options for importing photos. The app should allow users to immediately upload photos from the gallery/camera roll, or take new photos and edit them.

Photo editing tools

An app that doesn't provide users with an easy-to-use and intuitive way to edit their photos isn't worth your time. First, you must set the basic editing options.

Here's a list of creative tools that will come in handy whether you're developing a Lightroom or PicsArt style photo editing app. These options are available on Facebook and Instagram, but they are not expert photo editing apps.









You want something as simple as rotating a photo, but also with more advanced features like adjusting exposure or color balance and changing the mood of images. Thanks to these features, your photos will look better, but they will not look "fake".

Adjust size and ratio

Every photographer needs this option. Semi-professional photographers need this more than others because they often cannot adjust the aspect ratio while taking a photo. As such, cropping, resizing, and rotating options are essential in every photo editing app. What can you do to make the photo editing app even better? In some applications, such as Lightroom, you can crop the image to match the specifications of the major social media applications. Today, people spend many hours on social media, so cropping an image for an Instagram story, Facebook cover, or Twitter tweet is easy.

Put some photos together: collage

People love connections and memories. Users will try to connect and collect photos that carry different emotions and memories through the collage option. That's why you need to provide it.

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Every photo editing app needs a community where users can share their photos with other people who are interested in the same things as you (like birds). It's a great way for photographers to connect with each other, get feedback on their photos, make friends, and more.

Color correction, change and modification

One of the most used features of photo editing apps is color correction. Almost all photography apps offer this feature. Thus, an option is needed where users can increase, decrease or change the color. Moreover, you can add the option of ready-made filters. If the user does not have time or experience, he can easily apply a ready-made filter and improve photos. This is also the monetization window for your photo editing app. You can offer some free filters while leaving others for premium users.


Cloning is another popular feature that you can add to your photo editing app. To clone means to multiply. So, if you need two objects or multiply clouds in a photo, clone is your best bet. Through cloning, users can create stunning photos as well as correct visual irregularities in photos.

Healing: Retouch

Users can remove unwanted objects, pimples or blemishes with treatment or retouching. This option will take your photo editing app to the next level. That's why it's a must.

Augmented Reality Filters

Snapchat is the leading social media app that takes full advantage of augmented reality filters (AR Filters). Users can edit photos and have a fantastic experience with augmented reality filters. AR filters can include changing faces, adding extra elements like hair, glasses and more! Thus, you should not miss this fantastic feature.

How much does it cost to make a photo editing app?

The cost of app development depends on the features you want to include in your app. The more features you want, the more expensive it will be. The same goes for the number of users and devices your app needs to support. Let's assume that only a few users will use the application on their smartphones and tablets. In this case, it will be cheaper than developing an enterprise application with thousands of users in different teams and on different devices. You can develop a photo sharing app or a photography community app by following our tips.

Here are the basic steps you need to take to develop a photo editing app.

Choose platform

iOS, Android or both? This question is critical to the future success of your app, as it determines whether your app can reach a wider audience. Today, the most popular mobile platforms are Android and iOS (Apple's operating system). You should carefully consider which one would be preferable for your project. While iOS users tend to spend more money on their devices and apps than Android users, they are traditionally less likely to download new apps than Android users. If you want your application to gain wide popularity and earn from ads inside it (which may be the only way to monetize), then we recommend choosing the latter option; however, if you want to use it solely as an entertainment tool, perhaps Apple's OS is better?

An attractive user interface is everything

The user interface is what users interact with the most. Your photo editing application should have an attractive and user-friendly interface. To provide an attractive user experience, you should add some cool features like

Personalized profiles

Personalized profiles keep users coming back. Users will have a profile picture, bio, and feed. They will be able to upload photos and interact with other users. Users of your photo editing app will take inspiration from other people's photos, edit and create their own. It will also create a strong community and keep users coming back.

Increase social interaction

Increased social interaction means more returning users. Users spend a lot of time in leading photo editing apps like Lightroom or VSCO not only to enhance their photos but also to interact with other users.

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By adding options such as "Like", "Comment", "Subscribe" and "Share", social interaction will increase many times over. Users will like the photos and share their thoughts in the comments section. It will also motivate creators on the platform.

How to monetize your app

There are many ways to monetize photo editing apps. Here are some possible ways to discuss:

In-app purchases

In-app purchases mean premium features that are not available to free users. There are many photo editing apps that use this option. You can add predefined filters to your application. Make some of them available to users for free and others for a fee. So if a user wants a premium filter, they will pay. Similarly, you can release a premium version of the photo editing app. In the premium version, users will be able to access features such as healing or cloning. You can also provide certain editing functionality in the premium version.


Another model is based on advertising. You can run in-app ads to monetize your photo editing app. Many apps use this model for funding and monetization. However, be careful when placing ads. Sometimes they annoy users and they may leave your platform. Thus, it would be helpful if you had the right strategy for where and when to advertise.

Develop your photo editing app without coding

Development of applications without programming Sounds unrealistic? Well, it's not. It is not easy to put together a team of professional developers and communicate with them for your photo editing application. This is not only troublesome, but it also costs a lot of money. Then you have to solve the problem of data storage and databases. In general, it is difficult and expensive. So how can you minimize this struggle? Here is your answer.

Application Wizard

AppMaster is a comprehensive app ecosystem that lets you create your own apps, games, and more with minimal programming skills. No coding required - everything is done for you. AppMaster artificial intelligence creates a real backend for your application, which includes REST API, database management system, push notifications and more! And with the AppMaster source code generator, you'll have the source code for all of these features included with your purchase.

No, you don't need to know how to code. AppMaster takes care of everything for you - delivering apps to your customers just like the big boys do, but without the headaches. This takes the hassle out of developing an app ecosystem and you get back to doing what you do best: running your business.

AppMaster offers apps that you can customize accordingly. Development is under your full control and you can add or remove features.

You get the photo editing app within a week. AppMaster saves time, and time is money. So, instantly build your photo editing app and run it on the platform you need.

Build optimized applications and use a fast user interface to provide a seamless user experience.

With AppMaster's drag and drop app builder, you can create unique mobile app designs of your own. Explore the Integrations Library to learn how to link your favorite tools to your favorite apps to make them more efficient.


As you can see, there are many ways to create a photo editing app. Social media, photo sharing, photo editing and photography community apps will be a hit in the coming years. Today, mobile devices can do much more than was possible just 5-10 years ago. It is no longer just smartphones and tablets – mobile devices include smart watches, augmented reality glasses and other gadgets capable of taking high-quality photos. The demand for photo editing apps is growing every day and it looks like this trend will continue in the future. Therefore, you should not worry about the market and market research, but you need to develop your product with minimal effort and cost. And AppMaster does just that!


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