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Deception for popularity

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

- So, that's clear? Shoot only when I tell you

- Agree

- Hey, excuse me. Excuse me. But is he alive?

- Aaaah! No, no, no, no, no. Don't hurt me! We came in peace!

- Do not worry. What do you want?

- Well, I want to make a video of you while I give you some money, so that I share it with my followers.

- And why do you want to do it with me?

- Because you are the first bum I met, and so I show myself to the world how generous I am. Maybe they will follow me a lot more, it's obvious, right?

- I don't think I want to be caught. I don't like being seen in these conditions. It would be abhorrent.

- Not even if I give you these? So at least you can buy yourself beer or drugs.

- I'm not a drunkard, nor a drug addict. I was just out of luck.

- Mh. Yes, poor thing ... Listen, I don't care what you want to do with it, do you want them, yes or no?

- Okay

- Go shooting. Hello lads! Today we are here to do something really, really nice, like to give 50 euros to 10 people without a roof and here we are with the first homeless person I met. Sure, we're definitely not going to change his life, but we're sure to help him find something to eat for the next few days. Everything will be documented with photos and videos. So if you want to help me in this humanitarian mission I leave you the link of mine for pole below in the story and don't forget to follow me on Instagram. Kisses to all, greetings. .. Is it registered? For the popularity, to have to do these things with these poor people just to earn some more money. People have no idea how hard it is to influence them

- But ... you should be glad you did a good deed anyway

- Ah, why do you think I gave them to him for real? Absolutely not! I only gave them to him because people love to see these humanitarian things

- Hey!

- Eh

- You said they were mine!

- Wrong! They are mine! I only gave them to you because I needed to get you in the video

- But we had a deal! It's incorrect.

- It is not even correct to sleep on public land, isn't it? Yet, you do. Or go round and leave this sickening stench. Here we go! We need ten ones.

- Listen ... I know it's none of my business, but don't you feel a little guilty? I mean ... You are literally making fun of both your followers and these poor people

- Listen, I don't pay you to cheer me up, do you understand? You're only here because I need you, because I can't get the video myself, otherwise I would never have called you

- And I don't know whether I would have accepted if I had known what you wanted to do. What you are doing is incorrect. Remember that the truth always comes out sooner or later. You should give him at least some of what you promised

- Is it a threat? What do you want to do, call the police?

- Veronica, you're taking advantage of a weaker person. Simply to have a few more followers

- What do you mean, sorry

- That I don't want to be a part of this anymore. It's not right! You're taking away all sorts of dignity from him.

- Welcome to the real world, Francesco! And goodbye world of fantasy with the prince, the princess, once upon a time

- No, this is your world, and I'm not part of it. Here, make the video yourself, I'm leaving.

- Okay, I'll do it myself... What? I was still live! Close it, close, close!

- I did not think

- You!

- You did it on purpose!

- On purpose? And why should I? No, I assure you ... it's just a coincidence! But I didn't want to…

- You're a liar! I'm already losing a lot of followers!

- Veronica. I'm not the liar. And if you really have to blame someone, you have to blame only yourself. I told you. The truth, sooner or later, always comes out. I'm going to help that poor fellow.

- Thanks for joining us! We hope you enjoyed the story. By sharing this video, you can also make an impact in someone's life by giving a strong message.

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