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Clothing and fashion / IELTS Speaking task 1

Are clothing and fashion important to you?

I would say that the importance of clothing and fashion has changed over the course of my life. In my youth, it was important for me to dress fashionably. Then I began to pay more attention to my personality and did not pay much attention to clothes. But then, when I decided on my social and professional role and status, I again began to pay attention to my clothes, but rather, as part of the image.

Do you wear different clothes in different situations?

To meet my clients, I wear business attire. When I meet with relatives or friends, I wear more democratic clothes. When there are parties or family reunions, I wear more festive and colorful clothes. And when I travel, I wear comfortable clothes.

Do you wear clothes differently now than ten years ago?

I definitely wear a different style of clothing now compared to ten years ago. Clothing is part of my professional image and social status, so I would say that now I wear clothes that more accurately and concisely reflect my professionalism.

Do you think clothes say anything about who we are?

Of course, I think clothes tell us who we are. I see that clothes are a tool for expressing our personal message to the world about how much we support emotions, mood, how rational, democratic, how open and attentive we are. People who see our image tune in to how to communicate with us correctly.

Where do you mainly buy clothes? Why?

I like to buy clothes in small stores where they sell unusual clothes, maybe clothes from designers, but who are little known and work from their soul. Because I want to support the development of talented designers by buying their clothes, and I also want to buy clothes that can express my nature more accurately, with more sincerity.

How often do you buy new clothes for yourself? Why?

It is difficult for me to give a definite answer, because in different periods I buy clothes for myself with different frequency. For example, when I was shaping my image, I bought clothes more often, but then the image only needed some updating sometimes, and I bought clothes less often.

How do you decide what clothes to buy? Why?

This is an interesting question. I have asked myself the same question many times. Most likely, long before I buy clothes, I perceive the attitude of others around me, and then I think over what adjustments I want to make to my image. And then, comes an intuitive mental picture and understanding of what the updated image should be. And then I visit suitable and convenient stores, look for what is most suitable for the implementation of my idea, and then I make a decision to buy if I see that the price is acceptable, or I continue to look for new opportunities to buy.

Have the types of clothing you like changed in recent years?

Why? If not, why not?

Definitely, the types of clothes that I like have changed in recent years. The quality of the fabric changes, the quality of the production of clothes changes. Although this is the same business style, but within this style there are significant changes in the color of clothing and cut, the entire silhouette. And I don't always like these changes.

Do you pay attention to fashion?

I can't say exactly that I do. Rather, I can look at the looks created by fashion designers as inspiration for me. It's not the same as paying attention to fashion in the usual sense. Since fashion designers are kind of artists working with modern materials, modern looks and possibilities, I draw some information from seeing their work about the trends in the development of the ideas of modern society.

Do people in your country think fashion is important?

People in my country have very different attitudes towards fashion. Fashion is often a demonstration of bright, talented ideas and the possibilities of their implementation. And, some people definitely think that fashion is important as an engine of talented ideas. But another part of the people, I think, believe that fashion is sometimes too superficial and selective to express all the variety and depth of talented ideas, and therefore these people stop paying attention to fashion, they develop their own ideas.

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