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Choose a couple for love, not for gifts / Say it in Italian

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

- Hi Carola

- Have we met before?

- Do you remember? Teresa. We went to school together

- Teresa, yes. Miss appliance!

- Yes … Now I took it off

- Yes, but you always keep wearing those hideous glasses. Are they the same as in high school?

- Well, yes, they are good, and I don't see why I should change them.

- Well, why are they hideous? Anyway, are you here for Valentine's Day dinner?

- Yup.

- Do you have a boyfriend?

- Yup!

- Honey, let me give you some advice. If you don't clean up, he'll leave you right away,

- But look, he likes me as I am.

- Well he must be a loser then. Let me guess, is he over there?

- Yup

- Ah ... Then he fits perfectly within your canons. The one sitting next to him is my boyfriend. His name is Cristian

- Is that your boyfriend over there?

- Yup

- You know, Cristian always fills me with very expensive gifts. You know, Teresa, you should find yourself a guy with money too. At least you'd stop always being like this ... so loser, that's it. It is sincere advice from a friend, huh

- You know what ? It's true, my boyfriend can't afford expensive gifts, but he's loyal and honest, and he really loves me. Carola… love cannot be bought with beautiful gifts

- Yes… okay. You are made exactly for each other

- Hey ..

- Thank you!

- Hello!

- Hi, love, how are you?

- You?

- It's all right.

- And then, of course… there's another surprise

- Oh my God! But are they true diamonds?

- Aha

- Love, it is beautiful, thank you!

- Sorry, if I didn't give you a very expensive gift, but I hope you like it. My mother made it for you!

- Love, but it is beautiful! It is also super soft! Yup

- I go to the bathroom for a moment

- Yup.

- Loser!

- Excuse me ... I'm going to the bathroom for a moment too

- But hi! Do you remember me?

- Of course I remember you. Leave Carola alone or I'll tell her everything

- Hey, hey, hey

- Why do you behave like this? The last time we met, it seemed to me that ... there was a wonderful understanding between us, didn't you think?

- No, let me pass

- Come on ... haven't you even thought about me a little?

- But for what reason, Cristian? You have a distorted idea of ​​reality. There was nothing between us!

- Come on, stop making a saint puritan. Tell the truth, would you like it, huh?

- Not even a little. And do these mind games with someone else, because with me, it doesn't work. Make fun of some other naive girl. If I told you no, it's because I don't care

- I saw you as you always looked at us, you seemed jealous of her. Look, she means nothing to me

- What are you doing? I am very much in love with my partner

- That one?..

- Don't you dare talk about him like that.

- Can't you see he's a loser? Come on, he gave you a scarf. A scarf! Are we kidding? On…

- You too should have more respect for the person next to you

- But what do I care about that? I don't really love her, it's just a pastime. And you know, I'll tell you ... I prefer those like you, shy, fearful, who even pull a little, have that ... taste of conquest ... and then ... with me, you could have all the gifts you want. For example, a diamond necklace would look good on this beautiful neck

- Cristian! What's going on here?

- But nothing! We were ... We were just talking!

- That's what I tried to tell you, Carola. He had already tried it with me, now he has done it again

- But she is lying! She is a loser looking for attention! And besides, do you feel someone like me could ever try with one like this, in your opinion?

- I was here, behind you, I heard everything, "I don't really love her", "it's just a pastime". It is so absurd! You've been fake all this time. Everything you told me was all a lie. Get out of my life forever!

- You know, I tell you something. I am already so tired of being behind you. I walk out of here, around the corner, and I will have ten such like you. See you

- I can not believe it

- Carola, let me give you some advice. Next time, try to find a loyal, honest person who really loves you without paying too much attention to what is in his wallet. Because love is not bought with beautiful gifts. Happy Valentine's Day

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