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Brainstorming session between a photographer, marketer and PR expert on how best to organize an advertising agency in the Balkans

Photographer 1: First of all, we need a clear picture of the current situation in the Balkans in terms of advertising. I think the market is pretty saturated with traditional methods, but digital advertising is growing exponentially.

PR Expert: I agree. Digital presence is key, especially on social media and through influencer marketing. Also, we should analyze which brands are already well received by the Balkans, and see who might be interested in our services.

Merchant: Let's see which industries are growing. Tourism, the IT sector and even local food brands are showing considerable interest in improving their online presence.

Photographer 2: When we talk about photos and video content, I've noticed that there is a huge demand for authentic and raw visuals that tell a story, instead of polished advertisements. It could be our signature style.

PR Expert: Yes, stories that resonate with the local population, but also have a global appeal. We should strive to create content that reflects local values, but is universal enough to attract international clients as well.

Merchant: This means that our concept should be flexible. We can offer personalized campaigns that can be adapted to both local and global brands. Our mission should be to connect brands with their target audience in the most authentic way possible.

Photographer 1: And let's not forget about the integration of global and regional trends. We should follow global trends, but also adapt them to the local market, so that they remain relevant.

PR Expert: Our agency's mission should be to create a bridge between local brands and the global market, helping them expand their business and be recognized on the international scene.

Marketer: In terms of new markets, I think they should target growing economies, such as Southeast Asian and African countries. They have great potential for digital advertising and could be a great ground for expansion.

Photographer 2: Yes, and focusing on specific industries within those markets could give us an edge. For example, startups and technology companies looking to expand their online presence.

PR Expert: All in all, our agency needs to position itself as a leader in creating innovative, authentic campaigns that bridge local and global brands, providing them with a platform for growth.


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