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Bad advice

- Davide, pass me a beer, I need it

- Here you are. Kill that face! What happened?

- Nothing, the girl left him, and he didn't take it well

- No, she didn't leave me. She wants to take a break

- Who said that? She? Did she say, "I want to take a break"? Do you know what this means? The translation is - I want to flirt with other guys

- Noooo….

- What?

- But no, she is a good girl, she just wants to spend some time with herself.

- But please! You listen to me. Listen to me, I'm 40, do you know how many women I've had? What are you laughing at? I've had an avalanche to get tired of! When a woman tells you "I want to take a break" it is because you have not been able to cope with her

- What do you mean I have not been able to cope with her?

- So, now I'll explain it to you, okay? Women don't know what they want, they don't know. Why do you think they always go to complain about us and then always go for the bad ones and never for the good ones? I mean, have you ever wondered about this stuff? Huh? It's because they need real men ...... Not answering the phone right away, it is the problem. The message is sent to you, go right there to see how normal it is that she doesn't want you anymore, sorry ... How can she be interested in you? Now I'll give you a couple of tips. Listen to me, really, because they will change your life.

Number 1, phone talk, you're too helpful, okay? The woman wants the unattainable one. When you get a message from her, let a couple of hours pass before you answer, let time pass. You have to make her sweat, you have to keep her on her toes, okay? In this way she will be more attracted to you, this is a mathematical law, do not run from it! No, no, you look at me don't look at him as he doesn't know these things. You look at me.

Number two. And this is very important because this is scientifically proven, it is not that I invented it myself. I watched this in a documentary, okay? Like all animal species, women are attracted to men surrounded by women. What does this make you think? You have to make her jealous, you have to surround yourself with women so that she feels the competition and wants to overcome them to be close to you.

Number 3, and this one is what I am speaking to you from experience, and I am speaking to you from my heart, bro, because I really care. You're too good! Eh! You're too good! She makes fun of you, you must be more bad boy! When you argue with her, raise your voice, shout! You don't care, just tug on it a bit. After it passes, she cries 20 minutes, she comes back to you with a smile. You have to show her that you are a real man. She otherwise puts her feet on your head.

- In my opinion, you don't want to give him this kind of advice.

- In my opinion this is the attitude that leads your woman to flirt with others and then sorry, you are single, right? Women you don't have, what you want to talk about.

- I don't understand it ... Listen to me. Hmm. I insist. In my opinion, it would be better for you to understand that you have to treat people as you would like to be treated, or as you would like them to treat your loved ones


- Dad, you make me sick! You are the worst person I know

- Love, don't worry, what's wrong? Keep calm!

- My boyfriend treated me badly, and it's your fault!

- Love, how can it be my fault if your boyfriend treats you badly. I'm sorry, but ... I don't know your boyfriend.

- A couple of months ago when you and mom told me you were going to separate, I was upset and ... I needed some time to be with myself. So, I told my boyfriend to take a break. And he said yes, there were no problems. Then we got back together, and he was different, he no longer replied to my messages, he replied after hours, he went out with his friends and took pictures with girls. He had never done this before. Today, we had a fight and ... he pushed me

- What did he do?

- He had never done this before. We have always respected each other very much. I decided that he was a way just too much and ... I asked him what was going on and why he was acting like that, and you know what he replied? He told me he was following my idiot father's advice to prove to me that he is a real man.

- Honey, listen, how he can follow my advice if I don't know who he is.

- Don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about. You gave your advice to Paolo, and he became like you

- Paolo, his brother? Love, I didn't know I was with him, I swear to you! I would never have advised him to do certain things. Think about it! How can I want you to be sick, you are my daughter. I love you more than anything else, love

- So, if it's about me, it's a problem, but if he does it with any other girl, it is good?

- No, that's not good ...

- It is the fault of people like you that it is difficult to be a woman, that's why my mother left you. I'm going to stay with my mom for a while .. I don't know when I'll be back

- Let's talk about it for a moment ...

- Leave me alone!

- You knew she was with your brother, and you didn't tell me anything! And you let me tell him those things and look what happened now

- Wait… This is why I tried to tell you that you weren't giving good advice, but you silenced me by saying that if I am alone, it is precisely because I do not understand much. Remember? And anyway, no, I didn't know, I found out that with you now. However, this does not change the situation

- What situation?

- That your daughter is right, she has every reason to be angry with you. You turned a guy who loved her, who was nice to her, into a bad boy. However, do not worry, because a lot will be passed to her to compensate, as Paolo is not like that. I know that you are not a bad person, but it is time that you learn to treat people just as you would like to be treated or how you would like them to treat your daughter. Also, if young people often behave badly, it is precisely because they have a wrong example. To changes!


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