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Apollinaria goes to school

Darren Thompson

Autumn came. The days got colder. And it was the best time for Apollinaria to go to school with other girls and boys and listen to the elders, who talked about how you can add, subtract, divide and multiply numbers, how to write your own stories and read other people's stories, how plants and animals are arranged, how many constellations are in the sky and much more.

Over the summer, Apollinaria had accumulated questions, and she wanted to find answers to them. But not always she could find the right book. Therefore, Apollinaria suggested that someone older and more experienced could tell her something useful.

The school, which was located near the house of Apollinaria, had large and bright classrooms, blooming flowers were on the windowsills, and interesting maps and photographs of local plants, animals and cities hung on the wall.

Apollinaria has already prepared notebooks and pens to write down the most interesting thoughts at school. But most importantly, Apollinaria was glad that she would get to know new people and new objects. "Learning new things is the greatest joy in life!" thought Apollinaria.


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