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Apollinaria comes up with a recipe

It seemed a mystery to Apollinaria why carrots and cottage cheese are such healthy foods, but they are so difficult for children to eat. She decided to come up with a fun way to eat as many carrots and cottage cheese as possible.

Carrots are certainly a healthy product, containing vitamins and fibre, it is good for the eyes, muscles, heart and stomach. Cottage cheese is a source of calcium and protein and is also very healthy. What if you combine them together and make something tasty and healthy. “We can’t add a lot of sugar, because sugar eats away the enamel of the teeth,” thought Apollinaria, “We also can’t add a lot of salt, because too much salt may not be good for the heart.”

Okay, but I can still take some sugar and mix it with grated carrots and put it on a layer of cottage cheese mixed with an egg. All this together can be placed on a layer of dough, more raisins and less sugar can be added. And also a little ground walnut or almonds can be put into the cottage cheese. It will be something like homemade carrot cheesecake, it should be delicious.

Apollinaria took a couple of fresh carrots from the refrigerator, washed and peeled them. She then took a coarse grater and grated the carrots into a bowl. She washed the raisins, let them dry, and then mixed them with the carrots. Then a little sugar, just a little, was added to mix.

Then Apollinaria took the cottage cheese, mashed it with a spoon and added a little ground walnut to it. She thought that perhaps it was not necessary to add salt to the cottage cheese. However, lightly salted cottage cheese is much tastier.

Apollinaria prepared shortbread dough in advance, because it is most convenient to make a base from which. It will be soaked in carrot juice, and it promises to be very tasty and soft.

Apollinaria placed the dough in special moulds, on top of it she put a layer of cottage cheese with nuts, then a layer of carrots with raisins. Then she put it in the oven and waited for it to cook. The cheesecakes were amazing. “Why didn’t I come up with something sooner that would be as tasty as it is healthy?” - thought Apollinaria.

Everything in life can be turned into benefit and goodness. You need to take a healthy and natural base, combine it with a healthy and natural intention and turn it into a healthy and natural product. And it is natural to enjoy health from beginning to end.


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