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Apollinaria and Spring Thoughts

Spring came to the city where Apollinaria lived. Birds sang loudly in the sunny rays. The first flowers in the meadows opened their little buds of white and pink. On the big trees, magnolias and crocuses bloomed with lush flowers. The sea was calm and blue.

Apollinaria walked along the promenade and observed the people. They had changed over the winter. Something hidden inside made them more collected and cautious. Apollinaria did not feel as carefree as she did when she first arrived in the city. Now, she felt more kinship with these people; she knew their complexities, weaknesses, and strong character traits.

"Wherever we go, we come to people," thought Apollinaria, "People and interacting with people makes us happy and successful, in the end."

At the same time, in people, in flowers, and in Apollinaria herself, the beginning of a new cycle of events was felt. Stronger and brighter ideas and plans came to mind. She understood that she could not execute these plans alone, without the cooperation of these people. But who among them would agree to support her? Who would want to listen carefully enough to understand the essence of her thoughts?

How do people hear each other? What drives them to unite? After all, they can walk along the promenade and never even talk to each other. Apollinaria tried to recall the events that happened in the winter when she discussed something with her acquaintances to understand what exactly attracted their attention.

Ultimately, Apollinaria realized that just as she was now receiving new ideas and understanding that these ideas could and should unite different people who complement each other, other people were also receiving their new ideas, so vivid that they could not be implemented without support. And this meant equality of people before life, their kinship, and the patterns by which people have lived together for centuries and millennia, uniting to create something bigger and better.


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