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Apollinaria and rules

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

The third week of school has begun. The streets were quiet and light in the morning when Apollinaria went to school. She stopped at an intersection, as required by traffic rules, and was about to cross the road. Suddenly a bus appeared around the corner. The streets here were narrow, leaving very little space for sidewalks, and following the rules was especially important. There were only a couple of tens of centimetres between the bus and Apollinaria when the bus passed her. Apollinaria shuddered, but did not allow fear to grow inside her. “Life is beautiful and exciting, but rules save it from destruction,” thought Apollinaria.

The teacher in the class, as if in response to Apollinaria's thoughts and feelings, began the lesson by explaining the importance of the rules. “Rules are important and necessary so that you get things done as you require,” the teacher said. "Nature and human society live by rules. Rules can describe the patterns of life in nature. For example, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west when you look at it, and this is a kind of rule, and it can be written mathematically with numbers. For example, to show at what height at what hour the sun rises every morning in autumn.

As for the rules in the life of society, this is easy to show even at children's games. For example, you play hopscotch, you jump on squares with numbers on them. This game has rules that all players adhere to, and if not, then the game is destroyed, the players become uninterested, they do not understand how they can win. And if you can’t win, then the game loses its meaning and value.

Another case is when you solve a puzzle. Words are encoded in cells using numbers or letters. If you guess several words, according to the rules, you will find out which word is hidden at the end. The game of tennis, in another case, is a dynamic game with very complex rules, and you can win by the amount of points that are awarded according to certain rules.

The conclusion we can draw is that without following the rules we cannot be successful, and success itself is described by the results of observations of important patterns that are repeated for all or most people."

"I wonder how different rules can exist given the same patterns of life on earth?" - thought Apollinaria.


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