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Apollinaria and myrtle

Apollinaria caught a cold. Winter rains were pouring outside, and the nights were cool. Apollinaria started coughing. This reminded her of what she had once read in old books. Myrtle is a bush with evergreen small pointed leaves that emit an amazingly invigorating pleasant scent. The leaves of myrtle contain essential oil, which evaporates in the sun and creates a delicate cloud of etheric veil over the mountains covered with dense thickets of myrtle.

At the beginning of summer, the myrtle bushes were covered with delicate white flowers with long stamen lashes. And in winter, the myrtle bushes were laden with dark blue and even purple berries. And these berries, along with the leaves, were great to add to tea when you have a cold.

Apollinaria remembered that somewhere on the shelves in her kitchen cabinet, there was a packet of dried myrtle leaves and berries, prepared especially for tea during the cold winter days. Apollinaria searched for the packet of myrtle on the shelves. Having found the dry leaves and berries of myrtle, she marveled at the aroma and immediately brewed herself a tea from a small amount of myrtle.

Warmed up, she took a few leaves and berries of myrtle and headed to her home laboratory. Apollinaria's laboratory resembled an old magic shop, an ancient library, and a scientific laboratory all at once. On the table stood flasks and porcelain cups, an alcohol burner, and many more glass and porcelain vessels with liquid and dry substances.

Apollinaria began conducting experiments with the myrtle leaves and berries. She wanted to see exactly where the essential oil was located in the myrtle leaves and what its chemical composition was. Then Apollinaria started looking for descriptions of the properties of the essential oil molecules and how these properties could affect the human body.

All this time, Apollinaria enjoyed inhaling the scent of myrtle, and after spending several hours among the aroma of myrtle, dispersed in the air of her laboratory, she unknowingly completely cured herself of the cold. And that was the main thing.


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