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Apollinaria and energy

Apollinaria left her house in the morning under gentle, quiet September sun. She really loved these morning hours, when the sun rose softly over the sea, there was a light haze in the air, the flowers directed their heads upward, cheerful after the cool night. A warm feeling rose from Apollinaria’s heart, warming her from the inside, she walked and admired every tree and bush. “Every living thing loves the sun. The sun gives energy for life,” thought Apollinaria, “It is light, warmth and something else that causes joy.”

“Today we will talk about the transformation of energy into matter and vice versa,” the teacher said in class. "Where energy comes from is a mystery, no one has yet been able to explain. But it is known that energy organizes matter or substance in a certain order so that bodies appear. For example, the energy of the sun gives the leaves of trees and flowers nutrition, the leaves have a certain shape so that they can be convenient to receive maximum energy from the sun. The leaves themselves consist of tiny green cells, similar to bubbles, tightly put together. The green substance in the leaves is called chlorophyll - a sun lover, and the tree leaf itself has a body limited by size, length, width, thickness, form.

All objects in nature consist of matter organized into a body under the influence of energy. Now think about what will happen if we crumple a tree leaf, and it loses its shape. Will its body change? Will the substance remain the same? If the substance remains the same, but the leaf of the tree loses its shape - its organization, then what will change? The tree leaf will release its energy that kept it normal.

For example, we can dry a tree leaf, grind it and brew tea with it. In this case, we will drink tea and warm up, get the benefits of a tree leaf, perhaps even a healing effect. What does this mean? That the energy of the tree will be given to a human, at least some part of it, when a human needs this energy for a healthy life. This also means that we must be mindful of the energy we take from a plant leaf when we pick it, dry it, and drink the tea. The energy of the sun and plants makes us happier and healthier. We must be more careful about nature, which supplies us with energy for life.

“Interesting,” thought Apollinaria, “Do bees know what they do with energy when they collect nectar and make honey? Tea with honey is definitely tastier and healthier. Honey has no form, does this mean that honey is pure energy, spilled in a substance intended only to nourish? Is honey just a substance without a body? Will it remain as useful if you give it a form? Old honey becomes hard like candy... It is very tasty in its solid form, but perhaps it does not have as much energy as it was in young honey? How to find out?..."


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