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A probable dialogue at the gas station between the driver and the serviceman

Driver: Good morning. Please fill the tank full.

Serviceman: Good morning. Do you want petrol or diesel?

Driver: Petrol, please.

Serviceman: Just a moment, I'll fill your tank. Do you want me to check the oil and tire pressure?

Driver: Yes, thank you. Please also check the glass fluid level.

Serviceman: Of course, it will be ready in a few minutes.

[Serviceman performs, checks and returns.]

Serviceman: Everything is fine with your car. The oil level is good, the tire pressure is adjusted, and I topped up the windshield fluid.

Driver: Great, how much do I owe you?

Serviceman: The total is 5,000 dinars.

Driver: Here's your money. Thank you for your help.

Serviceman: Thank you. Happy journey!

Driver: Thank you, goodbye!

Serviceman: Goodbye, drive carefully!


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