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A presentation by the developer about a new character, who talks about mathematical models, B2

Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed educators, and passionate learners, today I have the immense pleasure of introducing you to an exciting new character in our educational computer game series designed specifically for teenagers. Meet Apollinaria, a vibrant and curious mind who will guide our players through the fascinating world of mathematical models, inspired by the natural beauty and complexity of flowers.

As Apollinaria wandered through a lush garden, she marveled at the flowers around her. Each bloom, unique in shape, color, and scent, competed not in the spirit of rivalry but in a harmonious quest for sunlight and beauty. This observation led Apollinaria to a profound realization: the essence of flowers, their growth, and their existence can be encapsulated through mathematics. Not the cold, abstract numbers we often think of, but a vivid, dynamic mathematics that mirrors the pulsating life of the natural world.

Apollinaria's journey begins with a simple curiosity about the diversity of flowers, their categorization, and the realization that their existence is governed by mathematical principles. Each flower, with its symmetrical arrangement of petals, precise number of seeds, and meticulously timed blooming period, embodies a living mathematical model. These models are not static; they are pulsating, vibrant algorithms that dictate the growth, reproduction, and survival of each plant.

Our game, through Apollinaria's eyes, introduces players to the concept of mathematical modeling in a context that is both relatable and visually captivating. Players will learn that mathematics is not merely about numbers and equations, but about patterns, rhythms, and structures that underpin the natural world. They will explore how different mathematical operations, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, can represent various biological processes. From the division of cells in a growing bud to the exponential growth of vines seeking sunlight, each process can be understood through the lens of mathematics.

Apollinaria challenges players to think about how these mathematical models can be applied beyond the realm of botany. She encourages them to consider how algorithms — sequences of mathematical operations — can represent cycles and processes in their own lives and in the broader environment. Through engaging gameplay, interactive challenges, and thought-provoking puzzles, players will discover the beauty of mathematics in nature and its relevance to human endeavors.

In conclusion, Apollinaria is not just a character; she is a bridge connecting the abstract world of mathematics with the tangible beauty of the natural world. She embodies the curiosity and analytical thinking we aim to inspire in our players. Join Apollinaria in this educational adventure, where flowers are more than just botanical specimens; they are a gateway to understanding the complex, beautiful patterns that govern our world. Thank you.


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