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A letter to the local representative of the company / IELTS Writing

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

You recently bought a camera while travelling overseas. When you got to your destination, you discovered that some important items were missing from the box.

Write a letter to the local representative of the company. In your letter

give details of the camera and where you bought it

explain what has happened

say what you want him/her to do about it

Dear Sir,

I am writing to you to inform you that that multifunctional black camera I bought at Rob's Store when I was travelling to Mexico on the 1st of February, is not accompanied by some items that James M., the local seller, informed me of.

The camera sold should have 2 orange Bluetooth phones as described on its receipt. Nevertheless, when I opened up the box, there was just one, which made me feel sad, once the other one I would gift my mother. Furthermore, I miss the 48Gb SD Card he told me I would gain in case of buying more than 60 dollars. Prior to buying this gadget, I took his email to notify him if everything goes well, after buying I have emailed him a few times, but I have had no return. I hope it is not a scam and would appreciate knowing how the company will handle this.

I thereby would like to know how both of us can proceed with this happening. As I am in Brazil now, coming back to Mexico City may not be affordable for me. Therefore, I might consider a refund plan to straighten up this problem, but still open to other possibilities. I will look forward to hearing from you any time soon.

Yours sincerely,

P. C.

4 Linking words, meeting the goal of 7 or more 0 Repeated words, meeting the goal of 3 or fewer 0 Mistakes

6 paragraphs 217 words 9 Overall Band Score

COHERENCE AND COHESION: 9.0 9 Structure your answers in logical paragraphs 9 One main idea per paragraph 9 Include greeting and closing 9 Use cohesive linking words accurately and appropriately 9 Vary your linking phrases using synonyms

LEXICAL RESOURCE: 9.0 9 Try to vary your vocabulary using accurate synonyms 9 Check your work for spelling and word formation mistakes

GRAMMATICAL RANGE: 9.0 9 Use a variety of complex and simple sentences 9 Check your writing for errors

TASK ACHIEVEMENT: 8.0 8 Answer all parts of the question 9 Use an appropriate tone


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