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A letter to the landlord / IELTS Writing

You paid a refundable deposit when you rented an apartment. You left the apartment in good condition, but the Landlord won't return your deposit.

Write a letter to the landlord. In your letter

explain why you are writing

ask for the return of your deposit

inform the landlord of possible legal action

Dear L,

I am writing to express my disappointment in relation to the refundable deposit, we came to an agreement prior to my renting contract assignment in your apartment complex 2 years back.

As aligned, we were told that any existing problem found in the apartment would be paid by an additional value when assigning the contract. Nevertheless, as you could see last week during your inspection, no issues were found in the surroundings, which gives the right to turn to you and ask for this spare payment made in the very beginning. I have emailed the receptionist about this, but she said this refund is up to you.

Therefore, I thereby would appreciate it if you could deposit the money I paid 2 years ago to access the residence. If legal action is necessary to solve this, I will be contacting my private lawyer to take part as well, perhaps it might be a plan B in case our alignment does not work.

Yours sincerely,


4 Linking words, meeting the goal of 7 or more 0 Repeated words, meeting the goal of 3 or fewer 0 Mistakes

6 paragraphs 168 words 9 Overall Band Score

COHERENCE AND COHESION: 9.0 9 Structure your answers in logical paragraphs 9 One main idea per paragraph 9 Include greeting and closing 9 Use cohesive linking words accurately and appropriately 9 Vary your linking phrases using synonyms

LEXICAL RESOURCE: 9.0 9 Try to vary your vocabulary using accurate synonyms 9 Check your work for spelling and word formation mistakes

GRAMMATICAL RANGE: 9.0 9 Use a variety of complex and simple sentences 9 Check your writing for errors

TASK ACHIEVEMENT: 8.0 8 Answer all parts of the question 9 Use an appropriate tone


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