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A dialogue between the photographer and the manager of the sports recovery center about a photo session


Photographer: Good afternoon, I am calling regarding the arrangement of a photo session at your sports recovery center. I would like to know if it is possible to take photos on the tennis courts, also in saunas and massage rooms?

Manager: Good day! Of course, we are interested in cooperation. We have beautiful spaces that would look great in photos. Can you tell me more about the concept of your photoshoot?

Photographer: I plan to create a series of photos that show the dynamism and elegance of tennis, as well as the relaxing atmosphere of the sauna and massage room. I would also like to include several sports models that would demonstrate the activities in each of these areas.

Manager: Sounds fantastic. We have a variety of spaces that can complement your vision. Regarding the sports models, do you have someone in mind, or would you like us to suggest some of our members or instructors who might participate?

Photographer: I was thinking of hiring professional models, but I would like to see your suggestions as well. It is important to me that the models authentically portray sportsmanship and recovery after activity.

Manager: I understand. We can introduce you to a few of our members who are active athletes and would be great for your project. We can also organize a meeting so that you can familiarize yourself with the premises and agree on all the details.

Photographer: That would be great. Is it possible to arrange a meeting this week?

Manager: Sure, we can arrange a meeting on Wednesday at 10 am. Does that suit you?

Photographer: Perfect, see you on Wednesday. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Manager: You're welcome, we look forward to your photo session. See you on Wednesday!


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