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A dialogue between a local realtor on the Adriatic coast and a tourist

Real Estate Agent: Good morning! How can I help you today?

Tourist: Good morning! I'm looking for accommodation for the summer months on the Adriatic for my family. We need a house with two bedrooms, a kitchen that is also a living room, and with two bathrooms. It's important to us that the house has a terrace and a balcony, and we are interested in stone houses because of their authentic charm.

Real Estate Agent: I understand your requirements. We have such a stone house that could meet your needs. The house is located close to the coast, you descend to the sea via stone stairs, about 100 meters. Also, it has a terrace and a balcony with a beautiful sea view.

Tourist: That sounds great! What's the price?

Real Estate Agent: The rent for the period you mentioned is 650 euros per month.

Tourist: I heard that accommodation in that area could be found for 350 euros per month. Why is this house twice as expensive?

Real Estate Agent: I understand your concern. The price is higher due to several factors: first, the location of the house is exceptional, with direct access to the sea. Second, the house has been recently renovated, with all modern conveniences while retaining the authentic charm of the stone house. Also, prices are generally higher for tourists due to higher demand in the summer months and additional services we offer.

Tourist: What about additional costs, such as utility bills?

Real Estate Agent: Utility bills are paid separately and depend on your consumption. As for parking, there is a public parking near the house that you can use.

Tourist: I understand. What does the contract signing process look like?

Real Estate Agent: Signing the lease agreement is a simple process. You need to provide basic personal information, and we will prepare the contract. After both of us sign it, you need to present the contract to the local tourist organization within the first three days of your stay to have your stay officially registered.

Tourist: Thank you for the information. I will consider everything you've told me and get back to you soon.

Real Estate Agent: You're welcome. If you have any more questions or want additional information, feel free to contact me. I hope we can find the ideal accommodation for you and your family.


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