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Italian interview

When you learn another language, Italian, for example, you touch the soul and culture of another people. At first, you may find it funny, interesting, exciting. But the more you learn, the more serious you can become about this culture. You realize how much this culture is different from yours. And you begin to understand that by accepting knowledge, you accept responsibility for applying this knowledge.

You need to get evidence that you correctly understand the thinking and behavior of another people, and you are understood correctly, you can really solve a communicative task for the benefit of yourself and the bearers of culture. To obtain such 

evidence, interviews are used - a leisurely conversation with a bearer of culture.

The difficulty of learning a foreign language lies in the fact that educational adapted texts, which are usually included in textbooks written some time ago, give very little idea of ​​real communication with native speakers of the language you are studying. Textbooks have a different task: to talk about grammar and introduce vocabulary.

As soon as you visit the country of the language you are learning, you will understand how textbooks are limited to theory, and you need practice. You need intuitive understanding, a sense of tact, mastery of the logic of the language, a variety of styles and the practice of speaking, hearing and writing - in communication with native speakers. Well, communication with native speakers can be postponed to the time of the trip. And what to do before the trip, how to help yourself now?

In our series of interviews with a real Italian, we give an intermediate option where you can get to know the mentality better, read slowly, listen and pronounce, check some words, think over your options, test your understanding of the language, people and country. This helps keep you stress-free while traveling. The better you understand people where you are going, the more pleasant communication will be, and the faster you will be able to agree on something.

The interviews cover all the important topics for a trip to Italy and Sicily: Wine, Cheese, Marble, Ice cream, Architecture, Holidays and people's attitudes, Tourism. The interviews are large enough and freely presented to feel the color, the situation and gain a vocabulary for a conversation at the level of an intelligent, knowledgeable person.

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Interview italian

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