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Language practice with fairy tales

Language practice  with fairy tales is good for several reasons:

1) Fairy tales reflect the ethical, behavioral and mental codes of the people. It happens that people from another culture seem like us, but whether this is actually the case, we will find out only after the meeting has not gone according to plan and the business has failed. It is useful to read the folk tales of the country with the representative of which you intend to communicate and to which you are going, in order to understand things better in advance.

2) Fairy tales are written in simple language, but each fairy tale contains features of the national style and descriptions that are characteristic of the culture. You can read fairy tales from around the world in English and see that the words and structures differ. Try to understand how fairy tales reflect folk character and type of intelligence.

3) It is wise to practice language from fairy tales because classical essays and modern stories are derived from fairy tales and maintain a similar logical structure. Therefore, those who practice the language with fairy tales find it easier to write essays and compose stories, as is required for passing the Cambridge exams, for example.

4) Fairy tales contain narration and dialogues with questions and answers. Therefore, in the language practice with fairy tales, you 

imperceptibly get everything you need to know to master the language being studied.

5) After language practice with fairy tales, it will be easier for you to master more complex modern texts, like essays, articles, interviews, monologues.

6) The foreign language practice with fairy tales is the easiest and most enjoyable way to learn a language. You will find yourself smiling and relaxing while you read the tale.

7) Fairy tales can be old and not so old. Remember that modern cartoons were created based on fairy tales. Therefore, the practice of a foreign language with fairy tales will help you to understand cartoons and other films better.

We have prepared different fairy tales for you to cover a variety of topics and vocabulary. On our website, we publish the text of the fairy tale with line-by-line translation and a video with the reading aloud of the fairy tale. Read with us, try to understand the words and expressions of the language being studied, pronounce correctly, train your listening comprehension. You can also make your own version of reading a fairy tale with a voice recorder and send it to a tutor for review. You can compose your own story or commentary inspired by a fairy tale and send it to the tutor, you can do this from time to time and systematically while studying with the tutor. We will be happy to help.

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