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Italian fluency practice

When people learn Italian, at first it may seem to them that grammar is the most difficult part of the Italian language. But, having dealt with articles, prepositions, particles and endings, they find that they still do not understand Italians and cannot speak with them. This is a manifestation of the effect of the paradoxical interaction of the form and content of the language, which distinguishes all ancient cultures.

Some, at the first stage of communication in Italian, assume that they do not understand the very logic of Italians. The paradox is that if the language consciously uses prepositions, articles, particles and endings, which are the organizers of the logic of speech, then this logic should be accessible, understandable, and there is no reason to say that the logic is absent or not visible. So the point is in the practice of using the language, and in the fact that logic can be of different types: the logic of relations, events, cycles, systemic and flat logic.

Further, the paradox leads to the discovery of a blind spot where the logic of the Italians is not yet clear, and your logic no longer works in Italian. At the end of the stage of reflection and comprehension of the first experience of communication in Italian, people begin to think that they do not understand anything at all in the speech of Italians, they reach a blind spot. They know the rules, grammar, words, they can read books and articles, but they don't understand Italian speech. There are reasons for this.

The first reason: having understood the surface layer of the logic of the grammar application, people do not notice that the Italian language has deep layers, resembling natural marble, in which there is the presence of Ancient Rome, and Byzantium, and the Renaissance, and even deeper layers, such as cultures of Sikhs, Carthage and Syracuse, Ancient Greeks, Taurus and Phoenicians, as it is in Sicily, where the first inhabited cave of people is 12 thousand years old, there was also the Sicilian school of poetry - the original base of the Italian language, the first Christians and saints lived in Sicily for a thousand years before the baptism of Russia, the Renaissance began there a century earlier than in Florence.

All this means that the Italians have come a long way in reflection and comprehension of values ​​than it may seem, and this is what matters. Italians rather use the possibilities of the modern Italian language to express the paradoxical order of the variety of shades of meaning and feelings that has been built in the soul of an Italian since antiquity. If people have not lived for generations among the marble, calling that their home, they clearly should be careful in their judgments of Italians and definitely not think of themselves as experts in the Italian language, if they only understood the role of articles, prepositions and endings in Italian. The Italian understanding of the language is much deeper and richer, it is useful to try to see this.

The second reason is that Italians think and speak much faster and sharper than other cultures might expect. If people, for example, speak English quickly (as they feel comfortable), when directly comparing to the speed of speaking Italians of the same text, it turns out that Italians speak about 20% faster.

This means that in Italian, there is simply no place for naïveté. On the contrary, when communicating with Italians, one should count that they have already understood everything spoken and have had time to think over, and they sound out loud only the results of their thinking, which may look incomprehensible to representatives of other cultures at a superficial glance. It is the speed of speaking and thinking (the speed and way of processing information) that really presents a challenge in mastering the Italian language.

Given the above described reasons for the difficulties of learning Italian, on our website we offer a series of videos shot by Italians themselves, in which you can see the starting positions of the characters, the thinking process, the decisions and conclusions made. The videos are very interesting and varied, you will get great pleasure. For the convenience of practical learning of the Italian language, we offer a translation of the text. If you feel that you need, rather, a tutor for explanations and speaking training, write in the chat or in the comments under any blog post on the website. We will give you the contacts of such a tutor.

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